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The Machine

The Visioffice is a state-of-the-art optical dispensing machine that allows us to gather more precise measurements required for today’s new lens designs. With this machine, we are now able to record up to 20 measurements in about 1 minute. This increased data allows us to take advantage of the new digital technology available to dispense more accurate and personalized lenses than ever before.

What have we always measured?

Pupillary Distance

Commonly referred to as the P.D., this is the measurement of distance between a person’s pupils.

Seg Height

The height of the multifocal within the lens. For progressive lenses, we are measuring where a person’s pupil sits vertically within the frame. For a Bi-focal, we measure where the bi-focal line will be located.

What additional measurements can we take with the Visioffice?

Frame Wrap

The amount of curve on the front face of a frame. Higher wrap in a lens can cause distortion along the outside edges in some designs.

Pantoscopic Tilt

The angle of the frame from the front of the face.Ocular DominanceThe tendency to prefer visual input from one eye to the other. A person’s dominant eye tends to reach the object being viewed first when we change gaze direction.

Vertex Distance

The distance from the back surface of the spectacle lens to the front of the cornea.Head/Eye RatioThe tendency of a person to move one’s head vs one’s eyes when looking at items in different locations.

Natural Head Posture

The angle of tilt at which a person’s head naturally rests when looking straight ahead.

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